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War Within Concept Sketch by FRivArts War Within Concept Sketch by FRivArts
The concept sketch of the War spirit shard that makes its home in Pride, a character I role-play at Dreyrull.

Pride's eyes are actually all orange-red. (Or are they scarlet? When I used the color picker, I actually got apricot.) The purple streak is an addition from when I was pondering how War would manifest. Apologies for the anatomy, I didn't actually know what cat or non-cat I was going to use until I was finished sketching. The spikes were supposed to be what was tinted red, but I decided to just give him furry red cheeks. In the final, all toes are facing forward, although they are extended into talons. The blades were changed from silver to yellow because the claws War steals from Pride are the yellow ones (Pride has yellow and blue) and I thought the yellow fit better on War.

The large form is cheetah x raven, the smaller is oriental shorthair x shrike.

Materials: Paint Tool SAI
Time: 25 minutes

References Used? No

War Within Concept Sketch 2012 Frances Rivera (aka; =PaintedCricket) ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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July 4, 2012
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