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Need an art break before dying!
Formerly PaintedCricket
About Digital Art / Hobbyist Official Beta Tester FRivArts26/Puerto Rico Groups :iconanimal-lover-fans: animal-lover-fans
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Newest Deviations

The Cheshire by FRivArts The Cheshire :iconfrivarts:FRivArts 8 0 Fawnlings 2017 Easterderp by FRivArts Fawnlings 2017 Easterderp :iconfrivarts:FRivArts 2 0 ''Nyeh'' To You Too! by FRivArts ''Nyeh'' To You Too! :iconfrivarts:FRivArts 6 0 Koi Carpo By Paintedcricket-d5qaszn by FRivArts Koi Carpo By Paintedcricket-d5qaszn :iconfrivarts:FRivArts 3 2
Fawnlings: ''Dragonlass'' | OC | Doe

 EnFields' Fireflight
Alias: Althea/Feara/Imara, "Dragonlass", "Dragonmama" (to Khes)
Use: OC
Gender: Doe
Age: Adult
Height: 15hh
OC World: [ No Title ]
Phenotype: Flaxen Black Chesnut Panagre
Genotype: ee/Ata/ff/nPg/nZ/fwfws/rzrz
Eye Colour: Orange-Brown
Design Sheet:
Sire: N/A (Foundation)
Dam: N/A (Foundation)
Personality: Beyond those gates is a frightening new world... and I'm gonna see it all! She's brave if you can call her that, the feeling of fear never really too far from the feeling of wonder, but it's what spurs her on and encourages her to throw herself headfirst into the unknown. She's fiery, capricious, thankfully generally more likely to jump into a friendship than a fight. She has an amazingly positive outlook for someone who's been nearly eaten a
:iconfrivarts:FRivArts 3 3
Fawnlings: Candida | HARPG | Mare

HARPG | Enfield Fields Stables

Showname: EnFields' Dances Through the Wilds
Callname: Candida
Sex: Mare
Age: Adult
Height: 15hh
Build: Saddle
Eye Colour: Brown
Phenotype: EeM/A+A+/nZ/nCr/fwsfws/rzrz
Genotype: Silver Wild Buckskin Max partially Restricted Smoky Fawn
          Naturally bright, lively, energetic, eager to please, calm when necessary, mindful. Has become more absentminded, dull, tired and distant due to abandonment.
          Candida once belonged to a little girl. She'd been just another regular resident of the stables, until the day she'd come around. Her father had bought the mare just for her, for her birthday. They didn't know a dar
:iconfrivarts:FRivArts 2 1
Fawnlings: Rowena | OC | Hind

What the heck? This isn't a real profile here. Whatever, placeholder. Get out of my Stash.
:iconfrivarts:FRivArts 2 1
Fawnlings: Varda | OC | Hind

Name: Varda
Use: OC
Gender: Female
Age: Adult
Height: 15hh
OC World: TBA
Phenotype: Gold Champagne
Genotype: ee/A+a/ChCh
Eye Colour: Green
Design Sheet:
Sire: N/A (Foundation)
Dam: N/A (Foundation)
Personality: Resolute. Believes in noblesse oblige. Adventurous. Loyal to her companions regardless of personal relationship and opinions.
History: Varda had grown in a realm that intersected the fae and mortal realms, more the fae than the mortal, and so grew somewhat distant from the plights of the mortal fawnlings and rather bitter towards the fickle fae creatures that didn't really know to keep their noses out of their business. As a lady, one of the more promising heirs to the throne, she was instructed on matters of diplomacy and battle, their small kingdom being one of many that made up an empire of great warriors.
:iconfrivarts:FRivArts 2 1
Y'all Nurds by FRivArts Y'all Nurds :iconfrivarts:FRivArts 6 5 Fawnling Concept: Duchess: In His Jaws by FRivArts Fawnling Concept: Duchess: In His Jaws :iconfrivarts:FRivArts 10 15 Fawnling OC: Ridire Concept Sheet by FRivArts Fawnling OC: Ridire Concept Sheet :iconfrivarts:FRivArts 6 8
Fawnlings: Ridire | OC | Hart

Name: Ridire
Use: OC
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Height: 16.2hh
OC World: TBA
Phenotype: Wild Bay Dun Partially Restricted Fawn
Genotype: EeM/A+A+/DD/fwfw/nrz
Eye Colour: Brown
Design Sheet:
Sire: Unknown
Dam: Unknown
Personality: Ambitious, assertive, may come off as "fierce", which is a delicate way of saying "aggressive". He's often described by other traditionally herbivorous people as hostile or, so to quote, "raised by wolves". He may appear friendly, if overly bold, at one moment, only to become threatening the next. He has a natural impulse to be social, but because of his life circumstances he is heavily and readily defensive. He does tend to scare people off this way, well, more like they tend to run him off, and so he's condemned to live in solitude. That aside, he tries his best to be friendly and polite, although the excess of enthusiasm its
:iconfrivarts:FRivArts 1 1
Lilac Design for Houdinz by FRivArts Lilac Design for Houdinz :iconfrivarts:FRivArts 15 7 Fawnling OC: Rowena Concept Sheet by FRivArts Fawnling OC: Rowena Concept Sheet :iconfrivarts:FRivArts 13 7 Indigo Lilac Mealy Roan Flaxen Concept by FRivArts Indigo Lilac Mealy Roan Flaxen Concept :iconfrivarts:FRivArts 8 10 Haunani Shivali 20 EP by FRivArts Haunani Shivali 20 EP :iconfrivarts:FRivArts 9 4


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Fawnlings has fawns for lit/art auction! One's a cute little koi. Lookatit!
Easter Babies Auction 2017 - OPENEaster Babies Auction
For this year’s Easter Babies auction, we’ve got an aquatic theme! These designs are sure to make a splash.

Anyone can enter - current or new members
You must have a spare slot (or have the bacon/token to purchase your next one)
These designs can be used in TWI, HARPG and/or as an OC.
Body type, personality etc. are up to you. These are just representations of colour
You can enter for as many as you like, but can only win one
If you win but do not want your design please let us know so we can rehome the design
For TWI bids (Does not apply to HARPG/OC bids): These fawns were born between year 764 and 767, meaning they are a maximum of three-years-old. The piebald design must be born in 767.
For royals/princesses/BW does and other special/closed positions/ranks, you must be able to afford it with bacon/token as usual, so you must make sure you’re able to buy their special slot if you w

Fawnlings Easter Fawns : APR/16/2017 07:20pm

Has anyone had to deal with an "eCheck"? Is it normal for it to get stuck after it's cleared from the buyer's side (days ago)? It's unable to be accepted from the seller's side, although the estimated processing time is up (it's a longass wait too). Never had this pop up before. What is it even?
Paypal eCheck Stuck Pending : APR/11/2017 04:40pm

Ohmygoood! I can't keep this thing from overheating with two goddamn lap/desk fans, what a piece of $#!+1!!1 WTF!? *finally take apart the laptop and pulls out a dustbunny the size of a chapstick with the thickness/consistency of a fluffed cotton pad* Holy hell this thing was running on the power of miracles alone!
Computer Problems Again : APR/11/2017 02:05pm

Anyone care to trade an Umbra breeding slot for a semi-custom Vesper?

I have these two butts...
Umbra Err Cat Not Found by FRivArts Umbra Sumus: Umbra Cat Cub by FRivArts Yep, its a process... by FRivArts [Umbra-Sumus] Adoption Center Cubs (Batch 5) by iJemz (Yeah, that blank thing is mine |D Can't you tell? Grey, gray? Ye? *cough*)
I guess it could be a reserve for a specific resulting cub instead, but the more specific, the less likely it is. Those hax colors don't pass 50/50, just in case. Most everything else does though, very few things are rarities, all natural cat/dog/horse/rabbit markings and colors
breed naturally, except hair (silk) and legitimate albinism, but that sparklyass metallic and glitter do (metallic is horse, glitter is cat). Growing through the stages is required for Umbra breeding and gaining BP (mine are 316BP and an ND short, but then they'll be breedable). You get the full litter's genos (or alternatively the one specific desired geno whenever it pops out, but each consecutive slot requires purchase, so litter recommended).

Umbra Vesper Trade? : APR/08/2017 11:40pm

Vesper End has finally launched and your first Vesper is freeeee~! Right now, until May 6th.
Free Vespers: Available!We're finally here, folks!
It's been a stalled start due to issues at Wren's work (excuses excuses!!) but now we're ready to release Vespers to you. We thank you all for being so patient, and for your continued support. More genes will be released soon, but for now, we're starting off with a round of Common Vespers for you, free of monetary charge.
To earn a Vesper, you'll just need to do the following!
Post a journal, poll or status linking to this journal or our home page. Do not submit journals to other APRGS, we do not want to spam others!!Feel free to tag your friends!
Once you've posted a promotion, snag a Vesper, complete the following form and post it in our comments. You can wait until actual design approval to select your coat color! 
Promotional Post: A link to your journal, poll or status. 
Genes Wanted: You can select up to three genes from our common section located here
Official Smooth Base by vesper-hollow

Vesper End ARPG Launch, Free MYOs! : APR/05/2017 6:10pm

*Frustrated screaming about uninstalling antiviruses for twelve hours straight because they don't understand the meaning of "uninstall"!* I wouldn't normally do this while cleaning/maintenance, but I had to do maintenance because it fell into trial-over mode for no good reason. This is its fault. Wasted more than a day on it, it's just that I took a break between its derping and my fixing. I never wanna again. I'm just thankful I have a Toshiba and it doesn't dally on the restarts, so I could do x500 restarts/uninstalls/reinstalls without growing old.

'N also, happy pear day I guess.
Antiviruses : APR/01/2017 5:20pm

Wix ain't wrong. DA really does suck at marketing. Anyone remember that DreamUp site they launched for "professional" commissions, priced over $250 (in :points:)? That thing they mentioned once (New Commissions Portal Coming Soon) and then you never heard of again?
Wix, dA, and DreamUp : MAR/26/2017 12:20am

If you're getting like a million of the same journal from me, I am very sorry. I keep hitting the wrong update button.
Journals? : FEB/28/2017 09:55pm

Umbra-Sumus is having a FREE Valentine's Day raffle here! Last day to enter is the *19th!
Umbra Sumus Cat V-Day Raffle : FEB/04/2017 10:05pm

Original Account: Deviant since May 18, 2006
Current Account: Deviant since October 5, 2010
DeviantARTing Since... : JAN/25/2017 01:05pm

Wacom Bamboo Fun (Medium, Blue)
January 2009 - January 2015 (7 Years. Retired. Still working, but I had murdered three pens (first of which lasted 5evr and the following of which I suppose died for its honor) and just went for a new tablet.)

Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch (Medium)
January 2015 - Present (2 Years... I kind of kept thinking it was no older than a year XD;;; Built solid, falls are of little concern.)

Toshiba Satellite
January 2012 - Present (5 Years... Horribly abused, took hard falls, including open and right on the corner screen-side; put back together with binder clips. Poor beibei.)
Of Wacom and Toshiba : JAN/09/2017 03:10am

So if you had an even-generation 11th-gen non-inbred critter, it would be related to 1024 imports.... Damn. Anywho, feel free to use that. If you're using a lower gen, just use the last couple necessary columns, delete the first unused columns, and delete half the rows for every generation snipped. Example.
10-Generation Pedigree Google Sheet : JAN/07/2017 07:15pm

My royal heininess has finally deigned to arise from the lazy chair and design my stryx. Fingers crossed~
My First Stryx : JAN/01/2017 11:11pm


I'm FRiv on Furvilla. I dunno what to do, but it's cute~

All This Stuff To Do

Sorry about late registrations, imports, commissions, payments, and everything else. My pen had gone missing from early January until April (after my previous pen broke and the one before that and then stuff) and I've no idea what I've got to do right now. It's totally okay to leave a note or a comment about it. It'll help me rebuild my lists. Right now, I've got lots of blanks and what-was-this.


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(I will leave the :+devwatch:
because I actually use the friends check and the widget will therefore not show the watchlist.
profile,NOT feature page stamp by izka197


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Muttari Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2017
do you have a link to that koi capo litter you did awhile back? I wanna draw the pup I got from it and can't seem to find it ;o;
FRivArts Featured By Owner Edited Apr 20, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, it was never published and Stash derp'd up I don't know how. Still displays in the journal. Koi Carpo Spring/Summer Litter DONE

Was your kennel the Madigras? Any chance you have the training picture still or was it points?
Muttari Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2017
I don't know what happened to the training pictures o.0 are the pups even real lol
FRivArts Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
As real as any other blue/mred/merle/two-tone/reverse/fu capo. They're just not showable anymore (if the breedsheets ever come back anyways, otherwise nobody's really showable XD). The parents both exist, and luckily enough, the lineage (they're both imports so there's no worries there).
(1 Reply)
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The Next Reaper | Chapter 2. Page 29 by JetDaGoat
Don't forget to Watch if you'd like to keep on reading, the adventure is updated with new pages every week! It would be an honor to have you with me on this journey :3
Stay fierce!
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