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Need an art break before dying!
Formerly PaintedCricket
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*When someone posts pretty much the exact same thing you were working on before you do (because you thought it'd be "safe" from whatever the heck for another three-six-twelve months) for the nth time.* Screw me. Originality is a lie! That professor that said three people have the same idea (and it'll belong to whoever publishes first) was right. I quit caring. I will be unoriginal as I please. FML 
OCT/04/2016 11:28pm

:icondracostryx: has a place where people leave their Stryx to be adopted out for free! One per person.
Lackadaisy Loft
The Lackadaisy Loft is where lost or unwanted Stryx come to live under the care of loving volunteers who come together to work with their communities and find new homes for these spry little dragonlets!
Sometimes, breeders might become overwhelmed with bountiful clutches, or an individual may find themselves in situations where they can no longer keep their Stryx. Lackadaisy Lofts are the safe-havens that provide these owners with help and relief, and even provide Bauble payments as a gesture of good faith that they will do their utmost to care for and rehome every Stryx.
Need to bring a Stryx to the Loft?
Surrender your Stryx here!
Want to bring a Stryx home?
Everyone is allowed to adopt ONCE from the Loft. However, that is the limit, to prevent the practice of re-selling and making profit off of this service.
Adopt a Stryx here!
Thank you for visiting
SEP/20/2016 9:01pm

NorthernRed is auctioning custom species sheets and animation commissions, and they make the darn nicest animations!
Once commissions open (now), you can attend the auction, it works like any other auction - bidding.
just scroll down at the bottom of this journal at commission slots section and you will see ben
Species concept sketchy+ full perms+ anim *CLOSED* by NorthernRed
SEP/16/2016 10:30pm

Including founders/other admins. Includes requests! Can't request deviations and submit mine, too, nope. Gotta waste a contribution if a submission is expired. Can't request deviations back if I have multiple accidentally expired. Bullshit.
SEP/16/2016 2:40pm

*wonders briefly if it'd be possible to complete the remaining standard chapters and specialty section of the sporting guide within three days*
SEP/15/2016 7:42pm

When you're more excited about the Nudari re-release than your birthday, which is on the same day.
SEP/15/2016 7:42pm

*launches dragon art rpg* Know what this world needs? Owl dragons. Owls, but wyverns, and you can ride them! *draco stryx are created* FUCK YES! *comes back two years later, sees prices* FUCK NO!
SEP/11/2016 6:35pm

After the Nudari revival's launched, Folklore revival.... Any upcoming breeds anyone is particularly eager to see? (If anybody remembers any XD; )
SEP/10/2016 10:32pm

A new species: raven raptor, feathered, black only, except when it's got white streaks, no colors... except when it's colored like a jet plane.
MAY/16/2016 10:33pm

I broke it, but it lives!
Courting Disaster: Home Repair by FRivArts
MAY/16/2016 7:50pm

And now I'm down to 1/4 of a screen |3 Of course this would happen to me! Right now, when I'm actually doing stuff.... *checks* On Friday the 13th, no less. At least I can connect it to the TV for drawing. Hallelujah for compatible screens. It's just that this family already argues over the TV, which I'm never involved in, and I can't say I'm trilled about having my screen public, however mundane the subject. I'm going to see if it can be fixed. It's black and color lines that seem to want to come back sometimes. I'd dropped this thing once while open and it kinda split open and loose... maybe it just needs a reconnection or something; the screen itself isn't shattered.
MAY/13/2016 10:45pm

I miss my watchers. The people that'd always comment and I'd end up chattering on and on with. People I'd come to recognize despite my difficulty developing recognition. It's my own fault, though.
MAY/05/2016 5:43pm

I tag everything with everything so that I can find it again. I ain't trudging through 937 of anything looking for whatever! How do people live without keywords? 83;;;
MAY/02/2016 1:30pm

So, skins/images and literature deviations do mix! That's great~! It means I don't have to spam my journal with character trackers~ I can just submit them to the gallery, where they can be nicely sorted into folders or scraps.
APR/26/2016 10:45pm

Apologies in advance for... whenever my hands decide to work enough to bring out the second wave of scrap and crap. Also for when I move over the DARPG profiles I placed elsewhere and need to move over, although those may not appear in the center; they should go straight to group.
APR/21/2016 8:50pm

When you think you're totally in that art zone: Can't stop me now! There'll totally be (real) art up to your ears!
Then two hours later you hit tar and start to sink all over again....
What a pile o' LIES! |<
APR/20/2016 9:10pm

- Once I'm done with this To Do, I am never touching anything past sketches again!
- *makes a sketch* This would look really nice as a full piece =3
APR/17/2016 6:35pm

Me: Ugh, I hate my sketches! I can't show this! *lets it rot in Stash for 3 years*
Also Me: OMG, I love this person's art! It's like my sketches but clean...~

:iconsheylu: < Looksee~
APR/16/2016 11:10pm

*favourites anthros into the ANIMALS folder* *realizes like a year later there is an ANTHRO folder in there* *headdesk*
APR/16/2016 2:30pm

Anyone know where to find the original artist of these corgi-owls?

All I can find is an imgur album that looks more like a collection than a gallery. I'd like to stalk them |3

APR/15/2016 8:00pm

Week Ago Me: I should read the driver's booklet.
5 Days Ago Me: *makes an appointment to take exam in five days*
3 Days Ago Me: I should really review that thing. Last I checked was 2009! Wait, what's this? I don't have a medical certification... shiiiit.... I need to get this done Monday early! Thank god I made the appointment for the afternoon!!!
1 Day Ago Me: I'm going to read three pages an hour, hope I don't flunk entirely! *gets distracted* Okay, NOW, I'm going to read. Did you say anthro doggies? *gets distracted again*
10pm Me: Okay, I need to read like half the book each hour, then sleep so I don't end up glued to the bed tomorrow. Is that a 5000 word update I see?
1am Me: I'm reading, okay!? *ends up drawing*
1:30am Me: I'm tired.
2am Me: Should I finish tomorrow?
3am Me: I'm done!
9am Me: *gets a call to be pending pickup*
10am Me: *still waiting for pickup*
10:30am Me: *at doctor for medical certification*
11:30am I'm not going to make it to the exam!
12pm Me: I'm going to be stuck here an hour. I should read... *eats junk instead*
1pm Me: I'm going to die!
2pm Me: Sweet, 90% A!!!
3pm Me: God, I regret everything. Kill me now, I won't have to worry about a license if I'm DEAD!
5pm Me: Got it! I am so fucking out of here!
10pm Me: I have to do all that wait again to get the official license in a month... *sigh*....
APR/11/2016 10:08pm

Changed my username! I still like PaintedCricket, but I've been trying to standardize my username and I didn't want to move! I usually use FRiv or FRivArt. Ironically, I used FRivArt already.... (I'll probably use that one for non-artrpg art, you know, if I ever do that X'DDD) I'll end up transferring the few scraps I had over there over here, I believe, just to clean it up.
JAN/01/2016 4:46pm


I'm FRiv on Furvilla. I dunno what to do, but it's cute~
Going to use the statuses for's, WIP shares, and open/closed imports status updates...~ Take my own advice. *scrubs activity clean* I don't know if I'm going active again, but it seems I might, so I'm preparing~
Hi! This is PaintedCricket; back from the dead with a new name! HOW ABOUT we use status updates for things like STREAMING? You know, art things... like a social art site.

All This Stuff To Do

Sorry about late registrations, imports, commissions, payments, and everything else. My pen had gone missing from early January until April (after my previous pen broke and the one before that and then stuff) and I've no idea what I've got to do right now. It's totally okay to leave a note or a comment about it. It'll help me rebuild my lists. Right now, I've got lots of blanks and what-was-this.


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because I actually use the friends check and the widget will therefore not show the watchlist.
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